Resources for EV Owners that Will Make Life Easier

Resources for EV Owners that Will Make Life Easier

You finally took delivery of your brand spanking new EV. Congratulations on taking the plunge and purchasing a car with a plug. After the new car smell and the first drive is over, what now?

Well, you're in for a life-changing adjustment in the way you care for and fuel your new electric vehicle. That is because EV requires an unlearning of what you know about ICE vehicles.

I just bought an electric vehicle. What now?

Owning an EV is the best thing you can do not only for your pocketbook in the long run but also for the environment. So if you are wondering "what now", here are a few resources I have gathered that will make your life a lot easier:


Bluedot makes charging stations accessible and convenient for EV drivers, as well as makes the time they spend in their vehicles enjoyable and rewarding. Bluedot also offers a rewards card for EV charging.


Currently is an EV charging network that is everywhere you want it to be, at the click of a button. A mobile charging network that delivers EV recharging utilizing its portable Charging System as an on-demand charging service in the United States. This technology allows for DC rapid charging almost anywhere, with no dependency on infrastructure.


Volty is a digital platform that brings you the best content about electric vehicles. Volty TV is the only video service focused exclusively on electric vehicles. Featuring original content, popular series, news, and events, Volty TV will keep you up to date with whats happening in the EV world. You can watch Volty TV on your smart TV, computer or tablet or on your iOS & Android devices.


Teslarati is a California-based multi-platform media company and a leading publisher of Tesla news, SpaceX news, and content in ventures affiliated with Elon Musk, and the premium electric vehicle market.

T Sportline

T Sportline is a leading provider of premium aftermarket parts and accessories designed specifically for Tesla vehicles, including custom wheels, aero body parts, performance products, and premium upgraded interior & exterior accessories that excite customers interested in upgrading their Model S, 3, X and Y.


RPM Tesla is a one-stop shop for any Tesla accessory. They are also one of the leading sites in the Tesla Aftermarket space. 


OhmConnect is a free service that pays you every month for reducing your electricity usage automatically with smart devices. Save energy. Get paid. You receive a text or email notification when it’s time to save, and connect smart devices to fully automate your OhmConnect experience.

A Better Route Planner

This app is crucial for organizing long-distance EV trips. All you have to do is choose your EV, your starting point, and your destination. Your journey is intelligently planned with charging stations via the app. Each charging station will provide the station, charge duration, and estimated cost.


Plugshare is the best and longest-running app for searching, reviewing, and locating charging stations. Because Plugshare is crowd-sourced, it is regularly updated by other users as new stations become available. The app is useful for EV drivers looking for charging stations near their current position or at a certain area. You may also look at the pricing, hours of operation, images, number of ports, plug type, and user reviews for a certain station.

Electrify America

Electrify America is one of the nation's and Canada's fastest expanding charging networks. Electrify America, which is mostly made up of DC Fast Charging stations, intends to tackle the charging infrastructure problem by offering not just a large number of stations, but also the most powerful and quickest. You'll need the Electrify America app to use their network.


Chargepoint is a popular charging network for commercial, office, and apartment Level 2 charging. With a countrywide network, you're bound to utilize Chargepoint's chargers at some point. You'll need the Chargepoint app to access their network.


Another popular public charging network is EVgo. EVgo focuses on DC Fast Charging stations near major locations like grocery shops and highway exits. EVgo, like Electrify America, is expanding at a rapid pace. You'll need the EVgo app to access their network.

Tesla App

The Tesla app, which is only available for Tesla vehicles, allows Tesla drivers to not only manage and monitor vehicle services like pre-conditioning and battery charge status but also search for and travel to Tesla Supercharger stations. Tesla has its own, exclusive DC Fast Charging network. This network is not only extensive and widespread, but it is also exceedingly quick.

Your Vehicle/Automaker's App

Downloading the carmaker's app is recommended for all non-Tesla EVs. EV drivers can manage and monitor car systems in the same way that Tesla drivers can. Some automobile applications even contain a map of local charging stations or route planning—though these tasks are better left to the aforementioned Plugshare and A Better Route Planner, respectively.

Now I wish someone gave me this sort of information when I purchased my first Tesla in 2014. Those were the early days of mass-market EVs and we Tesla (and Nissan Leaf) owners were the pioneers. Today, new EV owners have the luxury of benefiting from a wealth of EV ownership experiences of people like myself. So anything I can do to make the world transition to greener transportation would be a life well spent.

If you know f any services or products that should appear on this list, please be sure to comment below and I will update the list.

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