Reasons People Love Tesla So Much: What are the Benefits of Buying a Tesla?

Reasons People Love Tesla So Much: What are the Benefits of Buying a Tesla?

Tesla is one of the first companies that come to mind when we think of electric cars. It is the most well-known electric car company and is currently the most valuable (private) American car manufacturer, with a market capitalization of over 967B USD. Tesla cars have been commercially available for just over a decade, but despite having a limited number of models on the market,

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Tesla cars have been commercially available for just over a decade, but despite having a limited number of models on the market,

So, if you're wondering "Should I buy a Tesla?", then wonder no more because this article takes a look at 5 of the reasons why you should buy a Tesla car and how it can help you.

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5 Reasons You Should Buy a Tesla: What are the Pros of Owning a Tesla?

Why do people want to buy Tesla?

Minimum Maintenance

Should I buy a Tesla?

Motor1 estimates that the five-year maintenance cost of a Toyota Camry will be $4,981, that's $996 per year, while the average cost of maintaining a Tesla Model S over five years will only be $1,490, i.e., $298 per year - that's less than half the cost!

Teslas don't require as much maintenance as gas-powered vehicles do. Oil changes and fuel filters are unnecessary since no conventional engine exists; the only care needed for your Tesla may be a software update.

Another significant advantage is Tesla batteries have a fantastic eight-year/150,000-mile warranty.

Impressive Range and Charging Capabilities

Teslas have better range and recharge capacities than other EVs. The EPA rates the base Model 3's range at 263 miles.

The Model S, which is at the other end of the pricing range, has a range of about 400 miles. The Tri-motor Cybertruck, which will be released in 2023, has a whooping range of 500 miles on a single charge.

In addition, Tesla maintains a nationwide network of Superchargers. These charging stations have a maximum power output of 250 kW and can fully recharge a Tesla's battery in as little as 20 minutes.

Every Tesla automobile is aware of the location of Supercharging stations, thanks to the fantastic Tesla app.

Before you arrive, it will let you know how busy it is, and its navigation system will direct you to the place.

Cost-effective: Is Tesla Cost Effective?

In comparison to an internal combustion car, a Tesla has low overall operating costs.

There are no belts, spark plugs, or oil or transmission fluid changes On average, it costs just 28 cents per kWh to charge a Tesla at a supercharger station - significantly less than what you would pay for gasoline.

This means that you can fill up your Tesla Model S for around $12.00-$13.00, which is only a quarter of the cost of gasoline.

In other words, you could drive 15,000 miles for only $555 in a Tesla Model S - that's only 4 cents per mile!

Tesla Provides Top-Notch Safety

Should I buy a Tesla?

Tesla vehicles have received five-star ratings for safety from the NHTSA, ANCAP Australia, and NCAP Europe. Teslas are not only fast and reliable but they're also equipped with features that make them even safer.

Sentry Mode, for example, is a system that uses cameras to record and detect external threats. This system is constantly monitoring the vehicle's surroundings, even when it's not in use, and it can be accessed via the smartphone app. This way, you can always be aware of what's happening around your Tesla.

Tesla Utilizes the Most Advanced Technologies

Should I buy a Tesla?

Teslas are widely recognized for their technologically advanced features. Once you get into a Tesla, you'll be able to tell right away that it's different from any other car on the market because of the large touchscreen display on the simple classic plain dash.

With this advanced system, you can control everything from the climate in the car to the entertainment system and even access the internet or stream your favorite music. 

Not to mention, every automobile detail can be controlled from your smartphone using the Tesla app, which includes opening and closing the windows, honking the horn, activating valet mode, and even tracking the car's location.

Want to take a short break from driving? While driving, Autopilot, a sophisticated suite of driver assistance features from Tesla, will take control of the steering. 

Key Takeaway: Whay Should I Purchase a Tesla Vehicle?

Compared to other EVs on the market, the initial cost of a Tesla may arrive as a surprise for some buyers. The Tesla Model 3 is the company's most affordable vehicle, costing $37,490.

It is followed by the Tesla Model Y Long Range crossover, which starts at $47,490, and the sporty Model S sedan, which starts at $69,490.

However, Tesla vehicles are known for their luxury features and high performance.

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