Tesla Cybertruck Price: Release Date, Range & Features Delayed to 2023 [Update]

Tesla Cybertruck Price: Release Date, Range & Features Delayed to 2023 [Update]

Tesla's recent removal of Cybertruck information from its website has left many people wondering about the cost of the anticipated vehicle. Though we no longer have Tesla's original pricing to go off of, we can make some predictions based on what was previously stated.

A few updates: a new information section and new Tesla price section. The current chip shortage appears a huge problem with the Tesla Cybertruck's mass production. Tesla's chips shortage affects its business plans as it looks for ways to address it, Musk told reporters in an e-mail.

To get Cybertruck and Semi up to a significant volume of customers, we have to solve the chip shortage by collaborating with our suppliers. I'm wondering how do I build my chips. OK, this will be about 12-18 months.

What is the price of a Tesla Cybertruck

What is the Tesla Truck Price?

New Cybertruck Price

The Cybertruck pricing it was unveiled in 2019 and the reservation was 99 dollars. But in a bit of bad news, Tesla removed the price list and launch date from the site after 2020. According to a statement from the company in 2022, orders are not set to start until 2023.

As for the prices, Musk disclosed during the company's 2022 annual shareholder meeting on August 4, 2022, that it won't be able to launch the Tesla truck at the original prices (listed in the table below the quote) as inflation and various issues have increased costs for an unknown number of vehicles.

As one of a million plus fans of the CYBERTRUCK, I’m sure we’ve all thought about this one way or the other:

What is the Cybertruck price?

Now, I’m sure we may have other questions like; how many seats does the Cybertruck have? OR is the Cybertruck bulletproof? OR What is the latest news on the famous Tesla truck?

But one thing we tend to always look at is the pricing. I mean, what’s the good in researching a product (the Tesla electric truck in this case) when it’s not within your budget?

The Tesla truck is a 30x cold rolled stainless steel Tesla pickup sports car that has been in the works for a long time and has dominated automotive news for the last few years. You may have even seen tweets from the Techno King genius Elon Musk, who heads the production through Tesla, Inc. And yes it is a sports can when you consider a 0-60 time of under 3 seconds. I would know this as I tried to chase the Cybertruck once in my Tesla Model X.

And NO, the truck is NOT AVAILABLE for purchase yet. You are probably confusing it with the Cyberbackpack, which is currently available. Everyone knows someone who has a Cybertruck on pre-order and since it is not going to be coming until the summer of 2023 at the earliest, the Cyberbackpack can be a really great holiday or birthday gift in the meantime. And if you haven't yet reserved yours yet, you can make a pre order through the official Tesla website here

The 2023 TESLA CyberTruck PRICE: Here’s All You Need to Know

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The Tesla truck is not yet available to buy but Elon has announced that the truck will be available for purchase real soon which is welcome news. Musk said he'd been driving the latest prototype around Giga Texas and it was awesome.


In this post, we will go over everything we know about the Tesla Cybertruck cost, towing capacity, torque, and a bit about charge capacity.

Tesla's recent removal of the Cybertruck information from its website has left many people wondering about the Tesla Cybertruck cost of the anticipated TRUCK and if Elon Musk will follow through on his promises.

Though we no longer have the company's original pricing to go off of, we can make some predictions based on what was previously stated.


How much will the Cybertruck cost on release?

The Single-Motor Cybertruck price

The 2023 TESLA CyberTruck PRICE: Here’s All You Need to Know

Electric vehicles with single motors are usually two-wheel drive. And the motor is usually located either at the front or rear wheels depending on the car. 

How much would the single-motor version cost on release? 

Well, this configuration of the Cybertruck is said to be the most affordable model of the well-anticipated truck, starting at $39,990.

The 2023 TESLA CyberTruck PRICE: Here’s All You Need to Know

The Dual-Motor Tesla Cybertruck 

The 2023 TESLA CyberTruck PRICE: Here’s All You Need to Know

The dual-motor all-wheel drive Tesla Cybertruck cost is $49,990.

Based on this information, recent news, and tweets from Elon Musk, it is safe to say that the truck will be a more expensive vehicle than Tesla's Model 3 cars. And as we know, the Tesla Model 3 costs around $46,990.


The Tri-Motor Tesla Cybertruck 

The 2023 TESLA CyberTruck PRICE: Here’s All You Need to Know

Next, the tri-motor Tesla Cybertruck is set to clock in at $69,990. That’s an increase of around £20,000 from the dual-motor Cybertruck.

And finally, the quad-motor trucks will be available for an additional fee from the tri-Motor variance.

What’s even more about these Tesla Cybertruck variations?

What similarity do the single, dual, tri, and quad-motor Tesla Cybertrucks have?

All four cars will come with Basic Autopilot as standard according to Musk, but the Full Self-Driving option will be available for an additional fee. This news should come as a pleasant surprise to current Tesla owners who have grown accustomed to Autopilot in their electric cars.

That package currently sells for $12,000. Though we expect the cars will also be eligible for the $199-a-month FSD subscription.


What Other Features Does The Tesla Cybertruck Have? 


Tesla initially released a single-motor AWD / dual-motor AWD variant of its new Cybertruck, a quad-motor AWD variant. In his keynote speech in 2022, Musk confirmed Tesla has a new specification for its Cybertruck that will differ from those announced in 2018. The new engine is expected to feature quad-motor configuration.

The Whole Mars catalog announced in November 2018 that a new quad-motor variant is to be introduced and its single-motor variant has been suspended indefinitely pending cancellation. Musk reportedly confirmed that Tesla's Cyber truck would be launched as a quad-motor vehicle.

800-volt system voltage

Tesla usually adopts new technologies quickly; for the Cyber Truck, an 800-watt electric system is being used instead of the usual 4400. Baglino disclosed the news on a Q1 2022 earnings call on April 21.

The 800-volt system voltage would work well for larger vehicles like Cybertrucks or Semi vehicles - which require higher charging energy to charge faster or more power from the battery to power the electronics or provide more torque. In addition, higher system voltages allow reduced weights and smaller installation space for cables.

Range & 4680 cell phones

In 2019, Tesla had indicated Cybertrucks would have a range of 250 miles and 400 mph in single or dual-motor RWD, AWD, and tri-motor versions. Even though they have opted to update its specifications for the next version we believe it will have an average distance of 500 miles in some cases. News of new battery technology could help increase the range to 500 miles. An emerging cell-based technology designed to be 4600 and rated to deliver 5X power, 6X power, and last 16% longer, could be available in all Cybertruck models.

Battery cell production

Panasonic will produce the 4680 batteries Tesla will use in its electric vehicles. Kazuo Tadanobu the chief executive of the Panasonic Energy Corporation in Japan has said the creation of 4680 cells took enormous strength to develop. Changing cell shapes took “considerable nerve” Tadanobu said. Battery production will begin in FY2020 (April 2023-March 2024). Reuters says that the first large-scale production of the prototype cell will be at the plant in Japan starting May 2020.

Tesla Cybertruck battery and range

It's clear Tesla plans to incorporate the new 4680 batteries into the Cybertrucks. Musk himself reportedly admitted that delays to production were partly related to the lack of efficient battery production capacity of the truck. Tesla has reportedly said the spiral-shaped batteries provide 6x the power of the existing battery cells.

Cell production will also cost cheaper and these savings may be transferred into the final cost of the truck. EVs can be fairly costly than petrol cars, and so this is a big win. It will certainly be incredibly exciting for Tesla to announce their $25,000 vehicle by the end of the year.

Tesla Cybertruck Release Date

The Company's highly anticipated pickup is facing delays at the moment now has a released date of 2023, Elon Musk said in a recent tweet "So far we do not have any concrete Cybertruck release date."

Tesla Cybertruck Release Date

The all-electric pickup truck was originally scheduled to go into production in 2022, but Tesla has pushed back the date due to manufacturing challenges. The company recently announced that the ‘Tesla Cybertruck’ models will be on sale next year - 2023. 

The vehicle is still available for preorder in North America, Mexico, and Canada.

The Tesla Cybertruck's design is slightly different from other off-road vehicles like the GMC Hummer EV or Ford F-150 because it uses an all-electric drive train instead of an internal combustion engine (ICE). This means there will be no emissions or noise pollution when using this car, as expected from traditional cars with diesel engines.

How many Cybertruck Reservations

If you could remember the early days after the announcement of the Cybertruck in late 2019, you surely can remember the absolute frenzy that early reservations were as Cybertruck reservations began pouring in almost immediately. However, no one in the automotive industry would have predicted it would be a million plus.

As the pre orders came in, people flocked to forums asking each other what their reservation numbers were to determine who was the earliest in line, and people who ordered just a day after the announcement were already in the hundreds of thousands back in line. 

So what's the latest news on the reservation front?

It’s no longer 2019, in fact, it’s almost three years since the Tesla truck orders began pouring in and things have definitely changed since those early post-announcement days. We are now looking at over a million reservations.

So how many pre orders are there now?

By May 28, 2020 the reservations passed 713,000. By the next year - May of 2021, the company had passed the one million reservation threshold for the reservations. By now, in 2022, the reservations have amassed past one and a half million Tesla Cybertruck reservations and the pre orders continue to keep going according to a major automotive news publication. I predict that number will cross two million before the first Cybertruck's delivery is to begin.

A million pre orders would be beyond the capabilities of any auto manufacturer today except for Tesla which has the unique power and resources to execute EV production at this scale. this could also mark a moment in automotive history.

Tesla has received so many pre orders for the vehicle that it had to suspend pre orders in some regions. In fact, the company said that the only region where you can still pre-order a Tesla Cybertruck is now North America. This means that if you live outside of Mexico, Canada, or the United States, you, unfortunately, will not be able to pre-order the trucks for an undisclosed amount of time as of August 2022.

2023 Production Date Update

When will I get my Cybertruck?

Tesla CyberRodeo was held on April 7, 2022, in Giga. Tesla has stated it is looking to increase its production to about 500,000 units yearly with the company only producing one Model Y model in this building. In 2023 the company plans to build the first Cybertrucks in its territory. It also presented an evolved version of the truck, which is more detailed below. The upcoming Cybertruck will be available this year. Cybertruck will begin its production this summer.

The Cybertruck is still undergoing changes

The good news for those who are fans of Tesla’s continued push for innovation is the Cybertruck is still having improvements made to its design. At a shareholder meeting that took place on August 4, 2022, Elon Musk shared that there are new specifications and new additions to the production version of the Cybertruck that have previously not been shared or discussed online.

Some of these changes are battery changes while others are changes to the actual car design itself, including adding different headlights, windshield wipers, and a possible size change. You would be glad to know that the signature stainless steel body still remains.

Update:  In a recent interview with Tesla Owners Silicon Valley, Elon Musk confirmed that the Cybertruck design has been finalized and "locked" and Tesla is planning for a start of production date in 2023. However, this start of production date has yet to be confirmed exactly.

Deliveries will not happen before mid-2023

At this same August 4, 2022 shareholder meeting, Elon Musk also divulged that deliveries will not be happening before mid-2023. As production is still delayed at Gigafactory in Texas due to the production of the model Y, it is unclear whether or not production will even begin in 2023, let alone delivery.

While waiting for the Cybertruck to start production, you may want to look into other modern products that reinvent the wheel. Visit www.cyberbackpack.com for more information on Tesla-inspired products.

Will Cybertruck be released in the UK? 

The Cybertruck was also supposed to be coming to the U.K. However, Musk said that since trying to make the vehicle suitable for every country would be impossible, it is only being built to U.S. car specifications currently. This means that the U.K. pricing and launch details are still completely unknown.

Cybertruck towing

Tesla claims that the Cybertruck will have a payload capacity of up to 14,000 pounds. This means that if you're transporting something heavy like a trailer or large equipment, it can handle it with ease.

The Cybertruck is not the only electric pickup with autonomy. However, it does have more than enough power for hauling heavy loads over long distances without having to stop every few miles for charging.

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Terry Bell

If the single motor Cybertruck is dropped and the dual motor remains, at an adjusted $55K+, I’ll have to pass on my dream for these last several years. At 72 my pockets aren’t as deep as some. The years are as many to wait anymore.
I guess I need to reserve a Ford Lightning Maverick.

If the single motor Cybertruck is dropped and the dual motor remains, at an adjusted $55K+, I’ll have to pass on my dream for these last several years. At 72 my pockets aren’t as deep as some. The years are as many to wait anymore.
I guess I need to reserve a Ford Lightning Maverick.

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