Tesla Phone: When is Tesla Pi Phone Coming Out?

Tesla Phone: When is Tesla Pi Phone Coming Out?

Tesla Phone: When is Tesla Pi Phone Coming Out? Tesla is popular for its electric vehicles, but did you know that this top producer of electric vehicles is also reportedly experimenting with other technologies, such as Tesla Mobiles?

Tesla is popular for its electric vehicles, but did you know that this top producer of electric vehicles is also reportedly experimenting with other technologies, such as Tesla Mobiles?

According to several credible claims, Tesla is developing the Tesla Model Pi, a revolutionary smartphone.

This smartphone, which may be called the Tesla Model Pi, hasn't been formally revealed by Tesla or Elon's team, but the stories we've heard about it seem rather intriguing. 

Some IT experts predict that if the automobile manufacturer is developing the rumored smartphone, it's likely to be a huge success.

We have discussed every piece of information there is currently available regarding this new smartphone here.

Is Tesla Really Working on a Smartphone?

tesla cybertruck cyber phone case

Leading US manufacturer of electric vehicles, Tesla was established in 2003. With a market share of more than 75% in 2022's first quarter, Tesla dominated the electric car industry.

The business is owned by Elon Musk, who is also the CEO of the company.

Even while Tesla initially concentrated primarily on electric vehicles, the business has recently experimented with a variety of other goods, including solar roof tiles and electric pickups.

In the midst of all of this, there are reports suggesting that Tesla is allegedly developing a cutting-edge smartphone that would usher in a technology revolution.

Everything We Know About the Model Pi So Far

A futuristic phone from Tesla, a major EV company, called the Model Pi is rumored to be in the works.

According to several sources, the Tesla Pi phone will be a smartphone that'll use Starlink to provide a connection on Mars.

This smartphone will also support Neuralink, allow cryptocurrency mining, and serve as the first satellite phone ever made accessible to the general public.

Hardware and Specs

We don't quite know what the specifications of this smartphone would be because Tesla hasn't formally acknowledged anything about it.

However, a report claims that this smartphone would feature a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU, 16 GB RAM, and a 2TB UF flash drive. A six-inch AMOLED display is also rumored to be included.

The Model Pi will reportedly contain four cameras that can take excellent astrophotography.

The body of the Model Pi, according to certain reports, may include an extra coating that would allow it to automatically alter color depending on the surroundings and facilitate solar charging.

Features of the Tesla Pi Phone

We cover Tesla Model Pi’s reported features below:

1. Satellite Smartphone

An intriguing speculation that we have heard is that Tesla Model Pi phone will be the first widely accessible satellite smartphone.

This claim caught everyone's attention since Tesla producing a satellite phone does seem like a possibility.

No one can stop Elon from developing a satellite smartphone since he is Starlink's CEO, which is an internet provider for space.

However, if it is true, it will be a difficult task to execute since they will be required to figure out a way to hide the huge antenna (used in satellite phones) in the pocket-sized model of the smartphone. Some ways to implement this idea include: 

  • The satellite feature might only be available in locations where a Starlink base is already present. For instance, an area or a building. In a location like this, you won't require large, cumbersome antennas for a satellite network connection.
  • Alternatively, Elon may create future Tesla vehicles with built-in antennas, in which case you would only need to be near them to access satellite internet.

Does it seem feasible? Sure, without a doubt. However, is it possible for the Tesla Model Pi phone to support a satellite network connection? Absolutely not. Even if the company decides to pursue this idea, it will probably take them three to five years to figure everything out.

2. Solar Charging

Tesla is popular for renewable energy and also makes solar panels. Accordingly, there's a report that Tesla's new smartphone will have a back panel with solar plates. It would enable charging the smartphone with solar power.

3. Tesla Vehicle Control

The Tesla app, which gives you control over your Tesla electric vehicle including media playback, summoning the car, lock/unlock, and more, already offers car control for all smartphones.

However, Tesla Pi phone will reportedly contain certain extra features that will only be accessible through Tesla smartphones.

4. Astrophotography

A lot of currently available smartphones already offer astrophotography. As a result, it won't significantly alter the smartphone industry.

However, to take far better images of cosmic objects, it is reported that Model Pi will have SpaceX's interplanetary focus.

5. Crypto Mining

Musk has already spoken out about cryptocurrencies, so it doesn't seem unreasonable to assume that Model Pi will be able to mine cryptocurrency.

Rumor has it that if Tesla's smartphone were to have cryptocurrency mining features, it would allow MarsCoin mining, a coin that Musk tweeted about recently.

6. Neuralink Support

Though it is now only science fiction, the idea of operating computers and smartphones with just your thoughts is being developed by Neuralink, a company owned by Musk.

According to them, a neural implant is being developed that will enable direct brain-to-device control of mobile devices and computers.

The rumor is that Tesla's new smartphone will be compatible with Neuralink. To see this technology in action, we will have to wait a few years since it is still in the development stage. Additionally, Neuralink's main objective is to assist those who are paralyzed.


The price of Tesla's smartphone would likely be way over a thousand dollars given all the features that we discussed above. However, it is obvious that this phone won't have all these alleged specs.

It is estimated to cost between $1000 and $1500, if Tesla releases this smartphone featuring everything mentioned above, such as vehicle control, astrophotography, and solar charging.


Tesla phone case

One of the most famous Model Pi phone ideas depicts four cameras on the rear, giving the phone a dark hue hump on the back. This means that the phone won't lay flat on its back on your table, but you'll be able to shoot stunning photos with the high-spec lenses.

There is another camera on the front, but you won't see it because it is hidden behind the screen.

A fingerprint scanner, in addition to the front camera, is available for biometric authentication.

Since it is a Tesla phone, renderers imagine the Model Pi will have solar panels so that you can charge it with the sun without plugging it into a socket.

When Is the Tesla Pi Phone Smartphone Expected to be Released?

Tesla hasn't made any formal announcements on the Model Pi, therefore we cannot definitively state whether or not the smartphone will be made available.

Right now, all of our information comes from rumors. So, take everything you hear about this new Tesla smartphone with a grain of salt.

A YouTuber by the name of ADR studio design published a concept of the new Tesla smartphone in his video in 2021, which is where the most of speculations regarding the smartphone originated.

When questioned, the YouTuber made it clear that the film was solely the designer's concept and wasn't based on any Tesla official information or leaks.

In addition, the capabilities allegedly included in this smartphone appear a little too cutting-edge for the present.

Features like Mars connectivity or Neuralink support, for instance, seem almost unattainable.

Having said that, we cannot disregard the possibility of it or the possibility that Tesla is working toward a similar goal; the initial version of the Model Pi might not require those features.

Furthermore, Elon Musk remarked in a 2020 Twitter post claiming that the Neuralinks are revolutionary, whereas phones and smartwatches are yesterday's technology. 

This tweet shows that, at least at the time, Tesla's CEO had no interest in producing smartphones or smartwatches.

Elon's Twitter controversies, though, make it impossible to believe anything he says. So in the meantime, Cyberbackpack.com provides the Cyberphone case for those who want to turn their current Phone into a Tesla-themed phone.


tesla phone model pi

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Below is a quick video I made about the Tesla Pi phone.

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