Tesla Website Design VS Tesla (TSLA) - Market Capitalization [from 2003 to 2022]

Tesla Website Design VS Tesla (TSLA) - Market Capitalization [from 2003 to 2022]

Tesla’s website design (Tesla.com) has evolved over the decade. We plan to demonstrate (from our research), that the website improved so much as its revenues began to accelerate. Over the years, Tesla has made so many changes, added/remove elements on its website, and has used different “marketing” strategies to grow its users and customer base through website branding.

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Did you know that Tesla's Tesla.com Car Website really started in 2012 (even though the domain has been registered since 2003)? Tesla's website history timeline is pretty interesting.

Tesla.com website in 2022


teslamotors.com unregistered

Tesla’s website design (Tesla.com and Teslamotors.com) has evolved as you would expect, over the decade. We plan to demonstrate (from our research), that as its brand recognition and revenues grew, the website improved so much as a function of its market cap. 

Over the years, Tesla has made many changes, added/removed elements on its website, and used different “marketing” strategies to grow its users and its enviously loyal customer base through website branding.

Tesla’s website now shows innovation on par with its electric vehicles. In this article, we look through the Tesla website history timeline and explore how the Tesla website has changed over the years as its market cap has exploded upwards. We will also be highlighting a few key takeaways we can learn from this snapshot in history.


Side Note: Wondering what tool we used to get the images of the Tesla website? We used Archive.com, a free website time tracker that takes screenshots of websites over time.

To begin, we have to examine the history of Tesla. What’s Tesla’s story? When did Tesla launch? Who founded Tesla? We will attempt to answer these and other questions as we examine Tesla's history timeline through its website and market cap.

Tesla History Timeline

Did you know that Elon Musk did not start Tesla? Shocking right?

The company Tesla was incorporated by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in July 2003. Who are those guys you ask? That's for another article.

The company was named after iconic inventor and electrical engineer, Nikola Tesla who to this day is one of humanity's greatest inventors. Some even say that if he was allowed to see his inventions through, the world would be unrecognizable today with free wireless energy.

Elon Musk became the majority owner of the company after he made a $6.5 million dollar investment and became the CEO in 2008.

Initially, the production of the Tesla vehicles did not go into production until in 2006 after Elon's $30 million investment deal.

Tesla's Growth Milestones:

Tesla Was Incorporated by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in July 2003. Tesla was Incorporated in July 2003 and Teslamotors.com was registered in 2003 (Tesla.com was rebranded in 2017).
Elon Musk Reveals Tesla's Plan in August 2006. Musk Became the Majority Owner of the Company after he Made a personal $6.5 Million Dollar Investment in 2008.
Tesla REVEALS First Production Roadster in February 2008.  In June, 2010, Tesla, Inc. went public for $17 Per Share.
2010 August
Market Cap: $2.52 B
2012 February - June
Market Cap: $3.86 B
2012 July
Market Cap: $18.51 B
January 2015
Market Cap: $31.54 B
January 2016
Market Cap: $34.42 B
June 2018
Market Cap: $668.90 B
February 2020 to Present
Market Cap: $1.061 T
Finally, Why is Tesla's Website SO Innovative?

Tesla Car Production Rate:

Year Production Deliveries
2013 22,442














2021 (Q1+Q2) 386,181

The first Tesla car model was unveiled in 2008 and could go 250 miles on full battery charge.

Tesla Motors became Tesla, Inc, in 2017 after the company rebranded.

But what was Tesla's websites (Tesla.com, Teslamotors.com) like before incorporation?

Tesla.com in 2002 (before Launch)

Yes, the company was incorporated in July 2003 but Tesla.com was live even before 2003. In 2002, here’s what the domain - Tesla.com looked like:

Tesla.com was registered in 2002
Tesla.com in 2002 looks according to archive.org

Here's the mobile view:

Tesla website mobile verson


As you can see, the Tesla.com domain did not point to a ‘Car Website’ yet. And from what we see, Tesla.com was an I.T training website.

How about Teslamotors.com in 2002?

Teslamotors.com in 2002 (before launch)

On the other hand, Teslamotors.com domain was not LIVE until 2003.

How Tesla's Website has Evolved from (2003 to 2022) AS its Market Cap Grew?

Tesla's Market Cap growth according to Statista.com
Tesla gross netwoth overtime according to companies market.com
The Teslamotors website was designed to entice, illicit wander, and educate its audience.

According to Franz von Holzhausen, Chief Designer of Tesla, the goal of the Tesla website is to promote the company's purpose and overall identity. And Tesla has been able to leverage its website to achieve this.

We’re going to make use of two major tools for this article and website analysis; Archive.org (to see what the website looks like) and Companiesmarketcap.com (to find out the company worth for each year).

Tesla’s Website Design in 2003, 2004, to 2022 VS Market Cap/Revenue in 2003, 2004, to 2022.

There is no credible data on Tesla's market cap prior to 2010. We will still outline Tesla's website evolution prior to 2010 because it provides a context and contrast for the improvements we see after 2010.

In 2003, Teslamotors.com was registered.

This remained Tesla's website design until they made an update in December of 2004.

Here's what Tesla.com looked like in December 2004:

and then in January came a little tweak to explain more about the new startup as follows:

Tesla Motors is a car company making a new class of electric cars - efficient cars that will look as good as they are fun to drive. As a manufacturer of electric cars, we are as devoted to energy efficiency as we are to the sheer thrill of driving. We believe that the benefits of electric cars are too numerous to ignore, but that performance and styling should not be sacrificed. Drivers deserve zero emissions, zero gasoline, but in a car that looks great and drives exceptionally well.

Teslamotors.com evolved from just a Contact and About Us page to focus on converting visitors into fans. The design now had a 'car' in the background wrapped in silk. 

teslamotors.com 2006

At first sight, you get the idea this website is car-related. The website previously looked like a random startup in stealth mode. Everything changed in August 2006.

Elon Musk reveals Tesla's Plan in August 2006.

In August 2006, the world was finally treated to what the burgeoning Tesla Motors company had been working on. This marked the first time an actual product was displayed on the company's website.

This was also probably the first time javascript was added to the website as you can tell from the screenshot.

The team behind the Teslamotors.com website understood user intent. When a user views the website, they saw product images, specifications, and why to join the Tesla community. There were a little too much call-to-action buttons on the website but everybody was doing that in 2006.

Tesla also employs email marketing (list building) to grow its community. Today millions of people love Tesla products. US too :)

You can even see more colors and variations of its products.

tesla car website design
teslamotors.com in 2010

What's missing?

There are no pages on the website yet. This was introduced sometime in 2007.

tesla.com 2007
car website

Great navigation menu with a distinct CTA (Call to Action) for visitors to buy.

The "BUY" button on the page gives visitors an opportunity to see what car models are available and the price tag too.

This was a very good strategy for Tesla as people became aware of the Tesla electric car and its website.

teslamotors car webpage

What other details are here?

Teslamotors.com had a few cornerstone pages (super great for SEO) like "DESIGN", "BUY" and "FAQ". Let's look at the FAQ page.

tesla.com faq page

When a particular question is asked, a little pop-up appears with a short and precise answer.

teslamotors website popup

Amazing website innovation for user experience and customer acquisition! 

Tesla.com’s Website Design in 2010 VS Market Cap in 2010

2010 August

Market Cap: $2.52 B


Tesla website design over the years
Tesla website over the years
Tesla website design over the years

It's important to note this design had a hero image that rotated between multiple Tesla models, marking the first time the world got to see Tesla's broader ambitions through its new model lineups.

It's amazing to see how the design of the Model S has changed over the years from its humble beginnings.

Tesla.com’s Website Design in 2012 VS Market Cap in 2012

2012 February - June

Market Cap: $3.86 B

Tesla website over the years
Tesla website changes over the years
Tesla website changes over the years

This was the first time we got introduced to the Model X. It's amazing to see how the Model S and X design, but the Model X in particular, has changed from its humble beginnings.

Tesla.com’s Website Design in 2003 VS Market Cap in 2003

2012 July

Market Cap: $18.51 B

Tesla website changes over the years

Up until this point, Tesla had not delivered any Model S vehicles.

Tesla proudly announced in their hero text and image that their Model S vehicles were now on the road.

That must have been a very proud moment for Elon Musk and the team and their goal of accelerating the transition to sustainable energy had begun to take shape.

Tesla website changes over the years

Considering Tesla's recent string of price hikes, it's very nostalgic to see Model S's going for $500 a month. Those were the days.

Tesla.com’s Website Design in 2015 VS Market Cap in 2015

January 2015

Market Cap: $31.54 B

Tesla website design changes over the years

This is when the Tesla Model S dual motor was released, marking the first dual-motor ever released by Tesla.

If you have any experience in web design, you would notice that this new design also came with a change in the website's favicon from a white logo with a red background to a red logo and transparent background which still remains to this day. 

Tesla favicon change

Tesla.com’s Website Design in 2016 VS Market Cap in 2016

January 2016

Market Cap: $34.42 B

Tesla website

This was the first time Tesla used video on its landing page that does not include Flash.

May 2016

Market Cap: $52.32 B

Tesla website design changes over the years

This was the first time the world saw the new Tesla Model S design refresh.

Prior to this, all Teslas had a faux grille which was meant to make their electric vehicles look and feel familiar to customers who were previously used to gas-guzzling vehicles that required a grille to intake air for their combustion engines.

tesla website post

This also happened to be a month after I had just taken delivery of my Model S 70 which still had the old design and faux grille.

You can imagine my disappointment that my month-old Tesla Model S was immediately rendered "Old School" as more customers took delivery of their shiny new Model S with the updated design.

Tesla.com’s Website Design in 2018 VS Market Cap in 2018

June 2018

Market Cap: $668.90 B

Tesla website design change 2018


The Tesla Model 3 is unveiled for the first time and we all know how that drastically changed the trajectory of Tesla both in customers base and earnings.

Tesla.com’s Website Design VS Market Cap in 2020 to 2022

February 2020 to Present

Market Cap: $1.061 T

Tesla website design changes

From June 2018 until January 2021, the website did not change much, but rather just rotated between hero images of the Model S, X, and 3. 

And 2020 was the first time that Tesla turned a profit as a company. 

Finally, why is Tesla's website so good?

Why is Tesla's Car Website So Good and Innovative?

What's one thing we here at Cyberbackback.com love about the Tesla website?

The growth.

Tesla stays on top of the market and uses its treasure trove of data to know what's working and what's not. As you can see from the different Tesla website variations, Tesla puts much effort to make its website more user-friendly, captivating, engaging, high-end, and educative.

Tesla takes the interactive experience to another level with its unique we site design approach.

What's even more innovative, is that on the Tesla.com Car Website, YOU (and I) are able to customize your own Tesla electric vehicles right from the website.

These are called interactive pages and they let users design a customized car. You get to select the model of car you want, the color, the software features, range, performance package, as well as other minor configuration options.

What do YOU love about the Tesla.com Car Website?

Let us discuss this in the comments section below!

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