The Ultimate Guide to the Tesla 2022.40.4 Release - New Features, Improved Efficiency and More!

The Ultimate Guide to the Tesla 2022.40.4 Release - New Features, Improved Efficiency and More!

The Tesla 2022.40.4 software update adds Sentry Mode and Dog Mode for safety, radio station branding for discoverability, greater charging efficiency, and a Driver Door Unlock Mode. Regenerative braking, tire design, external illumination, and Hebrew voice navigation are also improved. The update adds Sentry Mode Live Camera Access, Supercharger Additional Details, and Boombox. The 2022.40.4 software update is a major improvement for Tesla, making driving easier and more fluid.

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Discover all you need to know about Tesla's revolutionary 2022.40.4 release notes, including Sentry Mode, Dog Mode, Improved Charging Efficiency, Driver Door Unlock Mode, and more! Find out about the most recent updates that have been made to the Tesla 2022.40.4 release.

These updates include the Sentry Mode and the Dog Mode, which both add an additional layer of protection for you and your pets. Additionally, the charging efficiency has been improved, which results in shorter charge times and lower energy costs.

Finally, the new Driver Door Unlock Mode adds an additional layer of convenience. Continue reading to learn more about the newest features included in the Tesla 2022.40.4 release, as well as how these additions can make your time behind the wheel more enjoyable.


Sentry Mode and Dog Mode

tesla 2022.40.4

By simultaneously engaging Dog Mode and Sentry Mode, you can protect both your vehicle and your dogs from potential dangers. If both Dog Mode and Sentry Mode are turned on, any alarms generated by Sentry Mode will be muted. Notifications from mobile apps will continue to be sent, and video recordings will continue to be preserved.

Radio Station Logos 

tesla 2022.40.4

When searching for preferred radio stations, the Media Player now displays the station logos, which increases the player's discoverability.

Improved Charging Efficiency

tesla 2022.40.4

During DC fast charging, the thermal system controls have been tuned for each charging station's power capabilities, which has the effect of boosting the charging efficiency as well as the efficiency of on-route battery preconditioning. This leads in a faster charging time as well as lower costs associated with the use of energy.

Driver Door Unlock Mode

tesla 2022.40.4

When the Driver Door Unlock Mode is activated, holding down the inside switch for the driver door for an extended period of time will unlock all of the doors and the trunk. Tap the Controls button, then go to the Lock menu, and finally select the Driver Door Unlock Mode option.

Regenerative Braking

tesla 2022.40.4

When the regenerative braking function of your car is limited, either because of the temperature of the battery or the amount of charge it has, your vehicle is now able to automatically deploy the normal brakes. To activate, go to the Controls menu, then select Pedals & Steering, and then select the Apply Brakes When Regenerative Braking Is Limited option.

Tire Configuration

tesla 2022.40.4

In order to have an improved driving experience, it is recommended that you reset the learned tire settings as soon as possible after rotating, swapping, or replacing the tires. To perform a factory reset, navigate through the menus as follows: Controls > Service > Wheel & Tire Configuration > Tires.

Exterior Lighting

tesla 2022.40.4

The daytime running lights and the taillights will now both be illuminated when the headlights are set to the "Auto" setting.

Dashcam Viewer

tesla 2022.40.4

The Dashcam Viewer has been taken off of service as a result of local legislation.

Hebrew Voice Navigation

tesla 2022.40.4

Hebrew language support has been added to your navigation system's voice guiding. To change the language that is used for voice navigation, navigate to Controls > Display > Voice Navigation Language.

Sentry Mode Live Camera Access

tesla 2022.40.4

You may use the Tesla app to get a bird's eye view of the area around your parked vehicle before you go back to it to make sure that it is a secure location. The Live Camera feed is encrypted from beginning to end, making it inaccessible to Tesla. On the touchscreen display, navigate to the Controls menu, then press the "Safety" option, and then tap the "View Live Camera through Mobile App" option.

Please take into consideration that this feature calls for Premium Connectivity. This feature is not intended to be used in any way that would allow you to record third parties or capture private domains. You acknowledge and accept that you are solely responsible for any claims brought forward by a third party when you use the live camera.

Supercharger Additional Details


The Supercharger map popup has been revamped, and it will now provide historical site occupancy in addition to the corresponding charging prices when the information is available. Tap on any of the Supercharger pins that are located close to your vehicle in order to view the relevant information.



You may project your voice further and with more authority using a megaphone, or you can turn your parked vehicle into a boombox and entertain a crowd with your media player.

Learn More Links


Within the menus of its vehicles, Tesla will now show links to appropriate tutorials. For instance, the Autopilot menu will contain a link labeled "Learn more in Tesla Tutorials" that may be accessed by selecting the option to "Navigate on Autopilot."

Regen Blend Indicator Light


As part of this update, Tesla included a new indicator light that may be found in close proximity to the icons that represent the other indicators.

This new display seems to indicate that regenerative braking is restricted and that regular braking will be done in order to offer a constant feeling when the vehicle is decelerating.

Photo: Nicholas Langereis

Additional Tooltips


Tesla has included a few more tooltips for your convenience with this version. These tooltips will become active in response to the various states of the vehicle. For instance, a tooltip titled "Light Show" will appear on your screen when you park your vehicle. When you begin the Supercharging process, tooltips for the Tesla Arcade and Streaming are presented to you.

Photo: O_bigodes/Reddit & GarthSchanock/Twitter.



In conclusion, the Tesla 2022.40.4 software update for Tesla vehicles provides a variety of new features as well as changes that are intended to enhance the overall experience of driving the vehicle. Sentry Mode and Dog Mode collaborate to keep your vehicle as well as your pets safe, and the music player now shows radio station logos to make them more easily discoverable.

The thermal controls have been modified, which has resulted in an increase in charging efficiency. Additionally, more options are now for unlocking the doors and adjusting the regenerative brakes. In addition, the Supercharger map now shows historical site occupancy as well as charging costs, and there is a new function called Boombox that provides entertainment options.

In general, the Tesla 2022.40.4 update is a significant improvement for Tesla customers in terms of both the functionality and the user experience it provides.

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