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Don't you hate it when you realize you could have got a sweet discount if only you just used a referral or discount link instead :(

When you shop online, you typically enter the domain url or click on a Google search result instead of using a referral or discount link. That's because it's such a pain to find, copy and then paste (or type out) a referral link each time. Instead, why not have a list of available referral links for that particular website automatically appear for you to choose from?

People love getting discounts and supporting their favorite creators. What if you could combine these 2 great things into one.

Link2save helps you save money and rewards creators at the same time by automatically providing you with referral links to websites that have referral discounts and special offers you might not know about.

Link2save also gives creators a way to remind their supporters to use their own special referral links while shopping online.

It's is an easy-to-use tool that reminds you to use referral links to save money instantly and reward creators.

Most people don't know that you can save money on goods and services by simply using a referral or discount link when you sign up, instead of a direct link or url.

Simply enter your referral links into the Link2save extension and the next time a Link2save user is about to make a purchase, the extension will automatically show your referral links for that website.

Link2save also helps businesses get more customers by leveraging their existing referral programs to drive engaged traffic.