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Shipping Protection

It came in in perfect condition

Great accessory to the bag as it comes in handy

I think this bag is amazing and it works fantastic

Fantastic for a business.

I've owned this backpack now for almost a year and just realized that it had a pocket in the strap... lol. I've used it a my business carry bag. Consisting of a 15 inch laptop charger cord, phone cord and adapter, ear buds with charging case. Penciles, pens, a full size zippered day planner, and 3 business files. I actually love this bag. Can't wait to be able to use it for traveling. I also like how it stands up on its own.
I've still not figured out the built in PowerBank.

Very well thought out!!

I thought I’d use the backpack for a few weeks before leaving my honest opinion, it’s absolutely brilliant!!
It’s a very well thought out product, with lots of lovely features that make organisation a doddle!
I’m a smart home installer and frequently work on dirty building sites - this backpack is great for those situations as you lie it on the hard shell and just wipe or dust off afterwards! This currently houses a 15” laptop, 13” iPad Pro, wireless keyboard, chargers and cables for all of the above, the Cyber Power Bank and various smart home programmer ancillaries - in short, quite a lot, but there is still room for more if required! I particularly like the key chain lanyard attachment so you can keep your keys safe in the backpack during the day.
It is unbelievably lightweight, seems very well made, all the zips seem to be tough, including the expansion zips which are a very clever and well engineered way to add an extra 5cm or so in depth - very handy indeed!!
I have really only two cons:
1. Due to the need to design this backpack to pay homage to the Cybertruck (which is totally understandable as it’s an amazing design!), the depth of the base is quite narrow. If, like me, you have plugs & cables and laptop power supplies, if you just have these loose, they go to the bottom of the bag and pile up, whereupon when you try to close the bag, the hard shell prevents it closing properly until the offending items have been moved to the highest point of the shell! This involves lying it on its straps so you can move them to the high point without gravity getting involved, and then zip up. As soon as it’s upright all the loose stuff piles back up at the base and the next time you open it, you have to repeat the process again!? First world problem I know but still enough to be the awarded with: not well thought through.
I’ve partly solved this issue by buying a small zippered hard case that holds all the loose items sort of in place.
My actual solution will be sent directly to the manufacturer!!
2. The base fabric section is that of the same fabric as the rest of the backpack - minimal water proofing at best. This means you can’t stand it on a wet road while you open your car - you’d have to lie it on its shell and then get that wet instead - better, but would probably still need drying!!
Quite simply, like many worker bags, base should have a rubber base and low surround so it can stand up on wet surfaces etc.
Easy peasy as us brits say!!

Lightweight Anti-Theft Laptop Bags for Ultimate Security | Cyberpack


nit water resistant what so ever. but it does fill with water and holds it making everything wet inside


they dont label their battery packs and tsa will take them from you. they refuse to replace them even though its their fault they are taken by not having proper labels on the battery packs

Didn't receive what I wanted and nobody will care for my requests at all.
Poor customer service, sorry 😞

Awesome accessory that becomes apart of you

I love this thing! It’s so sleek and compact yet versatile and functional. Only problem I had was the front pocket flopping down when I filled it but I got over it and accepted it.

Really cool backpacks

They’re really nice and sturdy. We did order different colors but got the same I think they only come in one color. It looks gray at certain angles and black in other angles

Awesome quality and a real eye catcher. Highly functional and spacious.

Giving the suitcase to dad he’s a copilot, and he lives out a suitcase

Excellent Design!

Traveled recently with the carry on & backpack. Really enjoy the design and got a few compliments from the flight staff as well. Can’t wait for you guys to make a full size luggage. I’ll definitely be buying it!

Great for a weekend getaway. Enough room for at least 3-4 days.

Just Amazing!

Wasn't sure if I was going to get what I saw in the pictures and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. This bag looks better in person and I'm eager to take it for a spin to see how it holds up.

Feels good

Better than I thought, feels durable and will go perfect with my cyber truck when it arrives

Great Backpack but….

Received my backpack and love it but the shipping carrier destroyed the box where the backpack was in and taped it together like nothing happened feel like UPS should be more carful with people’s deliveries

Shipping Protection
Frankie J
Awesome Backpack, But….

I absolutely love the backpack but i was worried when I received it because the packaging was all torn apart and taped afterwards

Shipping Protection
John Russell
Nice but….well kind of plain…not a lot of features for the money paid!

The backpack is some smaller than I anticipated. I also was looking for more compartments. Only one zipper area on the inside and 1 area on the outside.
Really hard to carry a normal size envelope for example. No designated place for pens and keys. Just not as functional as I had hoped for. Taking it on my first road trip this week to Chicago… we will see how it holds up.

Love It

SUPER CONVENIENT… i travel alot with work … the perfect travel back pack !

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