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Based on 1370 reviews

Horrible quality and service, not as advertised. Don’t waste your time and money on it.

Strongest backpack and luggage ever

Nothing can kill this stuff. Travel from GFNV to GFTX multiple times and also personal travel and this stuff is just bulletproof. Well built and designed. Unbelievable and versatile. The only luggage and backpack I will ever use

Great Luggage, Unresolved Pricing Issue

I recently purchased this luggage set and was impressed with its quality and functionality. The design is sleek, the materials feel durable, and the various options are convenient for different travel needs. The luggage handled well during my recent trip, with the wheels rolling smoothly and the handles sturdy and comfortable to use.
However, I encountered a pricing discrepancy during checkout and was charged a higher amount than expected. Despite reaching out to customer service immediately, I am still awaiting a resolution and refund for the overcharge. This delay in addressing the pricing error has been disappointing and somewhat frustrating.
Overall, I am pleased with the luggage itself, but the inconvenience caused by the pricing issue and delay in refund processing have slightly tarnished my shopping experience.
- High-quality build and design
- Functional and convenient for travel
- Sturdy handles and smooth-rolling wheels
- Pricing discrepancy during checkout
- Delayed refund processing
I hope that the brand can address these issues promptly to ensure a smoother experience for future customers.

Very Likable

This backpack is very good looking and feel great on the back.

Shipping Protection

I love the bag but it’s a pity it doesn’t have a hidden pouch/pocket.
I have put the bag into use as yet but will be in the next few weeks. It appears very durable and sturdy 👌🏻

Great looking

Very confortable to wear and great looking, people love it.

Worth the price

At 18"x12"x4" it is small for a backpack. I use it for a daypack, to replace an over-the-shoulder bag that was wearing out. It is a little big for that, but not too much.

Looks cool. Easy to use
Great product

Shipping Protection
Gerald Colomb

Shipping Protection

Great suit case

Looks huge, Like it , Matches all my other ones.

Didn't arrive

I was looking forward to using it however it's difficult to review something if you don't have it.
Can you please let me know when I will receive it?

PowerBank is meh

Power Bank is Micro USB not USB-C like advertised, but it is free so can’t say much.

Best back pack

I’ve never felt such a perfect tool. It’s perfect for my back. Tight, secure, and comfortable. Damaged through shipping.

What a great Battery Pack

This battery pack is an essential addition to the cyber backpack. I don't go anywhere without it. It powered my Dell laptop for the last 2 hours of my 18 hour flight. 🙃 otherwise I would not have finished my reports in time, and still had enough juice to bring my phone from 30% to 100%. I've charged it full to empty at least 10 times and it's never let me down. I will be ordering at least 2 more as gifts.

The charging port is messed up but it does last long

Shipping Protection

It’s fantastic perfect size with enough room.
Goes with any fit, and has a lock. I highly recommend

I bought 2 and I love it. Makes quite a statement when traveling. I get so many compliments

Excellent Service and Product

Product as advertised (bundle unit). Was short a battery and replied to email promptly. Sent it out same day..


I just got the Cuber backpack, and I love it. Not only is it slick and minimal, but it has room for all my items and divides, Macbook Pro, iPad Pro, the CB charging battery, and all my other stuff. I just love it 🖤

Cyber Bag

This thing is awesome. The looks and complements are worth it!!!

I am impressed!

I've had an opportunity to spend some time with my new Travel Backpack 3.0. It sits quite comfortably on my back with a fair amount of stuff inside. I feel what's inside is VERY safe - from the elements and unwanted eyes. Good amount of organization - everything has a place - exactly what I want from any pack or bag. I am happy I purchased this.

Well made and exactly what I needed!

I have purchased a few laptop bags in the last 3 years, and 2 of those were in the tech security category. The last one I purchased had good reviews but after a few months the poor manufacturing began to show. The bag fell apart. This bag has solid construction and came with a battery pack. It has a built in lock with TSA access which is a bonus! I am on my first week but am really liking it so far!

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