Backpack Vs Shoulder Bag: Which is Better for Work, School or Travel?

Backpack Vs Shoulder Bag: Which is Better for Work, School or Travel?

Backpacks vs shoulder bags: When it comes to laptop bags, people have a lot of opinions. There is a lot of debate when it comes to messenger or shoulder bags? Everyone has their own preferences. Let's discuss this here.

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What type of bag is best for your back?

Should I wear a backpack or shoulder bag?

Should I wear a backpack or shoulder bag

When it comes to laptop bags, people have a lot of opinions. You are probably used to people battling over things like Android versus iOS, console vs. PC gaming, or Windows vs. Mac. 

But did you know there is a lot of debate when it comes to messenger or shoulder bags? 

Everyone has their own preferences.

Some people think it is only acceptable for adults to wear backpacks if they are one-strapping it on. Even then, they are rarely acceptable. On the other hand, some individuals think a backpack is better, especially if you are a commuter, for your physical health.

If the only distance that you need to walk is between your desk and the parking, then a shoulder bag would not be a problem. But if you have to walk a considerable distance, backpacks are clearly a better option. Some individuals think both types of bags have their own use.

A shoulder bag is a better work bag, whereas backpacks are ideal for casual use or travel. 

However, one thing is not debatable- and that is people who do not remove their backpacks on crowded subways have a place reserved in hell.


Should I Wear A Backpack Or Shoulder Bag?

Here are things to look at:

Should I wear a backpack or shoulder bag2

Stigma vs. Comfort

For the everyday commute, backpacks offer several benefits. The most important one is comfort. 

A backpack offers better stability whether you're bicycling (or skating or scooting) because the two straps distribute the weight more uniformly across your shoulders.

Additionally, you'll usually get better organization and a wider range of sizes and designs in general, with backpacks. You can also get models that serve as both carry-on luggage and a daily bag.

There is a misconception that backpacks are only for travelers and students. Having crafted and tested a backpack built for professionals, like the Cybertruck backpack, we can say all you need is a stylish backpack to sell it as a workplace bag.

If you carry your backpack right, it will add to your outfit apart from keeping you comfy.

Travel Light

How can I travel light for 3 weeks?

heavy backpack

One of the advantages a shoulder bag has over a backpack is that you can easily swing it forward and easily get something you need out of it.

A shoulder bag can also be slid back so you can get it out of your way with minimal effort. So, it can be a good option for public transportation as it will allow you to monitor your things and take up less space.

However, a messenger bag is not as stable. If you are on a bike, there is no way to prevent it from swinging forward. That is not the case with backpacks. Moreover, the shoulder bag’s design means it is not completely hands-free like a backpack.

The biggest disadvantage of shoulder bags is probably size and weight. Muscle stiffness, and back and neck pain due to carrying the entire weight on a single shoulder are all potential health side effects.

It can be very cumbersome to carry a laptop that is 15 inches or larger on a daily basis.

A shoulder bag can only be made so big before it gets uncomfortable. However, when the bag is not completely loaded, the compression straps that are generally used on messenger bags can ensure the bag stays tight.


First Let’s Discuss Backpacks!

Why are backpacks better than bags?

For many years, backpacks have been a necessary item. They are used by a wide range of people, including regular travelers and working professionals. They're excellent for anyone who has to transport a lot of equipment, such as water and additional clothing.

Additionally, the majority of modern backpacks are made with computers and other electronic devices, and your joints and back in mind.


  • Backpacks provide more organizational features with their various compartments and pockets. As a result, they are more functional as compared to messenger bags.
  • The majority of backpacks offer padded laptop sleeves. Some feature floor-friendly bottoms that will guard your laptop if it is kept on the ground.
  • Overall, backpacks are more shockproof. In order to provide comfort and spread the weight more equally, the two back-straps are frequently cushioned.
  • Breathable materials are used in backpacks.
  • Backpacks are preferable for traveling since they are more versatile and roomier.
  • There are many different types of backpacks available, from formal to athletic. Some even transition effortlessly from the workplace to the woods.
  • Backpacks provide more space for school materials on campus.
  • In the office, a backpack's more relaxed appearance might help you come off as easy-going and more than just "all-business"

Next, Are Shoulder Bags Still Good?

shoulder bags

Can a shoulder bag cause back pain?

Are shoulder bags practical?

Moving on to messenger bags: the traditional messenger bag, which features a strap that crosses your body and handles for carrying, has overtaken the briefcase as the most common type of bag.

It gets its name from the kind of bag used by bike couriers and mail carriers, and its origins may be found in the pony express. Even pole utility climbers carry their gear in a particular style of a messenger bag for convenience.

The distinction? Modern messenger bags are made to accommodate tablets, laptops, and folders filled with traditional paperwork that is still required. They often have good spatial design and are pleased to carry. Many have convenient organizing features that give them a lot of flexibility.


  • The messenger bag's single strap design allows you to swing it around and bring it to the front so you can easily take out the things you need from it. As a result, the messenger bag can be especially useful for public transportation and urban mobility thanks to this design. Additionally, whether you're between courses or traveling for work, you can easily access your laptop if it is in a messenger bag.
  • Most people concur that messenger bags make people seem more professional.
  • Messenger bags are frequently preferred over backpacks by lawyers, professors, and other professionals who wear business-casual wear. It is because messenger bags prevent your clothing from getting wrinkled and ensure you sweat less on the back.
  • Messenger bags mean business! They give the impression that you are always moving  and going between offices and cubicles.
  • Messenger bags are available in a wide range of styles. You can easily find one that suits your personal preferences. You do not necessarily have to pick one that is made for work. Instead, you can opt for something softer and wider that implies you may have other interesting hobbies and passions.
  • It is easier to carry messenger bags into restaurants and bars without any issues.
  • You can find messenger bags that feature well-padded compartments for laptops.
  • There are messenger bags made specifically for a certain use, like disc gold and camera bags.
  • For those who might require it, certain messenger bags are water-resistant.
  • You're less prone to overpack messenger bags while using it for travel.
  • The messenger bag's crossbody design makes it simpler to transport valuable items near the body.


It totally depends on your needs!

Your final decision should mostly depend on your particular needs, personal preferences, style, and how much back and shoulder you can tolerate. For example, if you commute via a bus or train, a backpack will be better if you have to run to catch it. On the other hand, a messenger bag would suit you fine if you do carry a heavy laptop. 

Which bag do you like better for every day commuting?

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Thanks for reading, guys! For me, it’s Backpacks all day :)


Thanks for reading, guys! For me, it’s Backpacks all day :)


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