Cybertruck Spotted on the Road 2023: A New Era of Electric Trucks is Here!

Cybertruck Spotted on the Road 2023: A New Era of Electric Trucks is Here!

Tesla's electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck, has arrived. With its triangle mirrors and working rear tonneau cover and side windows, the Cybertruck's latest version looks better than ever. Tesla expects to increase manufacturing in 2024, starting in the summer of 2023. Cybertrucks are battery-powered pickup trucks that replace gas guzzlers.

Get ready to rev your engines, Tesla fans, and Cybertruck reservation holders, because the Cybertruck is finally here and ready to hit the road! That's right, the highly-anticipated Cybertruck prototype was recently spotted cruising around Tesla's headquarters in Palo Alto, and it's looking better than ever.

Tesla Cybertruck Spotted 2023

The most recent version of the Cybertruck was captured on camera by Flavio Tronzano, who then uploaded the image to his Instagram account. Even while we are unable to determine for certain which model of the truck this is, there are a few clues that suggest it is one of the more recent iterations.

The side mirrors now have a triangle shape, which is a far more suitable design in comparison to earlier prototypes, which appeared to be off-the-shelf units. This is the most noticeable change made to the vehicle.


Initially, Tesla intended to market the Cybertruck without side mirrors and instead install cameras that would relay views to screens located inside the cab of the vehicle.

However, the rules that are in place in the United States now do not permit that, so it is likely that the Cybertruck will be equipped with these stylish triangle mirrors, despite the fact that they may appear to be quite little, particularly when it comes to towing.

Another intriguing new feature is the operational rear tonneau cover as well as the side mirrirs, none of which have been seen functioning on prototypes up to this point. This is an indication that things are going quickly and that more of the truck's mechanics are being put to the test as a result.


Tesla Cybertruck Spotted 2023


tesla cybertruck spotted

Franz von Holzhausen, Chief Designer at Tesla, stated that the Cybertruck is ready to go in terms of its design in a podcast that was released not too long ago, which was welcomed news to Cybertruck reservation holders around the world.

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Elon Musk recently tweeted that he had evaluated the production beta prototype of the truck, and that he found it to be "amazing." As if that wasn't enough, it seems that this wasn't enough.

We have only seen a few of functioning prototypes of the Cybertruck out on the road up to this point, but that is about to change. According to Tesla's Vice President of Vehicle Engineering, Lars Moravy, the company plans to produce additional beta vehicles in the near future, and the ramp-up is anticipated to take place in 2024.

Tela cybertruck spotted

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Because of this, get ready to see more Cybertrucks on the road in the near future because Elon Musk has said that production would begin in the summer of 2023 and that we can expect a ramp-up the following year. It's time to wave farewell to gas guzzlers and welcome in a new era of battery-powered pickup trucks!

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