Tesla Model 2 Design Leak

Tesla Model 2 Design Leak

In a recently released promotional video, Tesla announced the opening of a new engineering center in the state of California. In the video, the automaker displayed early designs for several different electric vehicle concepts. These designs might be an early look at the upcoming economical hatchback that will be produced by the electric vehicle company.

Did Tesla just leak the design of its upcoming electric compact car?

Tesla might have unintentionally revealed the design of its upcoming $25,000 vehicle ahead of today's Investor Day.

new tesla model 2

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The automaker showcased early designs for several electric car concepts in a new corporate video announcing the opening of its new engineering center in California. These designs could be an early look at the company's forthcoming low-cost hatchback.

The $25,000 Tesla electric car, which is often referred to as the "Tesla Model 2," was first revealed by CEO Elon Musk back in 2020 during the company's Battery Day event in 2020.

The rumors about the less expensive electric hatchback are picking up steam right now, as Tesla is getting ready to unveil its next-generation vehicle platform at its upcoming Investor Day. These rumors are only strengthened by the sketches from the corporate film.

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Hopefully, we will get to see and hear more about this game-changing vehicle that will finally deliver the promise of electrification to the masses. Prepare to see the Tesla stock price rally on this news.

Here is the full youtube video if you've got the time.

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